SILHOUETTE CITY is an exploration of the apocalyptic style of reactionary extremism in America by providing a unique window into the economic causes, reactionary ideas, organizational structure and psychological dynamics of apocalyptic movements. If the 21st Century has seen a resurgence of conspiracy culture and anti-government paranoia, the present and future of the American Right finds its roots at the fringes. The film examines the striking ideological and rhetorical similarities between The Covenant, The Sword & The Arm Of The Lord (CSA)—an obscure Arkansas  group that provided the model for militia group activity in the 1990s—and the mainstream Christian Right of today. It reveals how the apocalyptic intensity and rhetoric of final warfare are symptoms of late Capitalism—and as the formal and conceptual methods of propagandizing their struggle are laid bare—the CSA provides a case study in grassroots response to right-wing apocalyptic impulses.


Kerry Noble (Former Christian Militia leader)
MeLinda Morton (Former Air Force Chaplain)
Ron Luce (Founder and President, Teen Mania)
Robert J. Lifton (Lecturer in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School)
Mike Huckabee (2008 Presidential Candidate and former Governor of Arkansas)
Dr. D. James Kennedy (Founder, Coral Ridge Ministries)
Rod Parsley (Founder, World Harvest Church)
Chris Hedges (Former Middle East Bureau Chief, NY Times)
Mikey Weinstein (Founder, Military Religious Freedom Foundation)
Michelle Goldberg (Author of Kingdom Coming – The Rise of Christian Nationalism)
Tim Lahaye (Author, Left Behind book series)
Rick Scarborough (Founder & Director, Vision America)
Dr. James Dobson (Founder & Chairman, Focus on the Family)


Writer/Director/Editor/Producer: Michael W. Wilson
Producer: Natalie Zimmerman
Co-Editor: Holen Kahn
Composer: Ori Barel
Additional Music: Scott Benzel