“One of the most incisive and powerful examinations of the Religious Right’s gradual but decisive hold on political power in the United States…Seamlessly weaves the voices and analyses from prominent religious leaders, scholars, and practitioners, and makes its own subtle but persuasive argument about the nature of theo-politics in a post-9/11 world.”
– Jeffrey Robbins, editor, The Sleeping Giant Has Awoken: The New Politics of Religion in the US

“Silhouette City is a timely and vital film. By turns subtle, affecting, wry, and mournful, it explores the natural sympathy between religion and violence, between ideals of social or moral perfection and a perceived need for militant force to achieve and maintain that perfection.
– Richard Cohen, Director, Program for the Study of Religion, University of California, San Diego

– Robert Scheer, syndicated columnist

A brilliant piece of filmmaking.
– Jonathan Kirsch, author of A History of the End of the World

“Made with an artist’s eye and a muckraker’s spirit, SILHOUETTE CITY shows how radical right-wing apocalypticism has wormed its way into the American mainstream. This a transfixing and important film. It deserves the widest possible audience.“
– Michelle Goldberg, author, Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism

“[The] extraordinary documentary film SILHOUETTE CITY examines the violent roots of the ongoing Christian Dominionist movement, by which evangelical Christian fundamentalists are seeking to win the hearts, minds and votes of mainstream political conservatives to effectively convert the United States into a theocracy. [This] clean-eyed yet harrowing cinematic essay…is neither a verite witness nor a piece of Moore-ish agitprop — it’s an adult investigation of serious themes and the voices he selects are invariably thoughtful people with interesting minds…
SILHOUETTE CITY shines a light on an ugly part of the American psyche.”
– Philip Martin, Columnist and Chief Film Critic, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

“Silhouette City,” a new film by Michael Wilson, is a documentary about the rapid rise of religious extremism in America. It’s a haunting account of where the Christian evangelical movement has been and where it’s going, and it is impeccably researched….“Silhouette City” is a tour de force.
­ Blake Rutherford, Contributor, InContention.com (read entire article)

“There have been many superb documentaries in the last few years about religion and politics, but my own personal opinion is that Michael Wilson’s SILHOUETTE CITY stands above the pack…I give it the highest recommendation.”
­ Bruce Wilson, Co-Founder, Talk2Action.org (read entire article)

“Notable among the feature documentaries is Michael Wilson’s SILHOUETTE CITY, a non-fiction essay that examines the growth of militaristic elements of the American religious right. The film draws an uncomfortable parallel between a relatively small offshoot of Christian survivalist camps in the 1980s and the current religious hawks that have been taking over the nation’s right-wing, fueled by similarly apocalyptic visions.”
­ Charles Olsky, Indiewire (from Dispatches from Bermuda)

“SILHOUETTE CITY presents a well-researched, cinematic study of past and present fundamentalist movement building in our country. This film will inspire dialogue about the imminent threat of right-wing propaganda, and ultimately help audiences shape a future that protects our basic human rights.”
­ Paul Robeson Fund of the Funding Exchange

“SILHOUETTE CITY is a timely film that is brilliantly crafted and expresses an important message about contemporary religion, politics and culture…[it] raises profound questions and shows us disturbing views about who and what we are as Americans.”
­ Dr. Clayton Crockett, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion, University of Central Arkansas

“There is a real journalistic gem in the story of how closely the Christian right is tied to the armed services, particularly the Air Force. The connection is only strengthened by the militaristic language displayed in the film by national ministries like Coral Ridge and Teen Mania. If your favorite kind of horror goblin is exemplified by Pat Robertson, you’ll get the scare you’re looking for.”
– P. Scott Cunningham, Film Critic, Miami New Times

“Bizarre, comical and at times frightening, Silhouette City reveals some of the mind-boggling beliefs of the Christian right and how far they have filtered into the American mainstream.”
– James Whittaker, Senior Reporter, Bermuda Sun